VetOHIOExpo to promote veteran-owned businesses and services in Violet Township


An inaugural exhibit to promote Veteran-owned and Veteran-friendly businesses and connect Veterans and others to services and products is scheduled from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on September 9 in Violet Township.

In March 2020, Regina Rembert of Pickerington launched BuyVet, a non-profit organization that supports veteran-owned businesses and veteran entrepreneurs through networks, newsletter and events.

Now, Rembert hopes to take another step towards building a community of seasoned business owners through the VetOHIOExpo, which will be held at the Violet Township Wigwam Event Center, 10190 Blacklick-Eastern Road NW in Pickerington.

The exhibit is designed to showcase veteran-owned businesses that provide services or products to civilians, veterans, and the military. It will feature up to 47 exhibitors – companies looking to provide products, services and jobs to veterans and others.

“This is an opportunity for our veteran owned and veteran friendly businesses to come together for mentorship, support and just to raise awareness,” said Rembert. “This is the opportunity to show what they are doing.”

Rembert said that BuyVet and the VetOHIOExpo are based on the concept of team building, something that is at the heart of military life.

She said she hoped that through the exhibition she could help veterans from all walks of life make connections, adding that it would foster her organization’s “shop vet, buy vet” mantra.

“Veterans have served their country honorably and sacrificed time with their families, their friends,” said Rembert. “They are coming back, and now they are serving the communities. I think they deserve to be recognized.”

One of the exhibitors will be ViaQuest Inc., a Dublin-based healthcare company.

ViaQuest CEO Rich Johnson, who served in the U.S. Air Force from 1986 to 1990 and reached the rank of senior aviator, said he hoped to promote his business and help educate veterans about the services. at their disposal.

“Our nation is very good at recognizing veterans and trying to help veterans, but it’s much easier said than done,” he said. “The transition from service to civilian can be difficult.”

Johnson said he hoped to share healthcare information with exhibit attendees, including how ViaQuest connects terminally ill veterans with comfort care.

“One of the services we provide is palliative care services for veterans,” he said. “It’s extremely important to me. We really specialize in providing palliative care and other services to veterans.”

Johnson said ViaQuest will also be looking for potential employees.

“We’re always looking to hire veterans and provide opportunities for people,” he said.

Admission to the VetOHIOExpo costs $ 6 per person. For more information, visit

[email protected]

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