What’s going on with Radio Shack’s Twitter?


RadioShack may seem like a relic of the past, but this week the company has been in conversation for daunting reasons.

Drew Anger | Getty Images

In what at first appeared to be an apparent hack, the electronic company’s Twitter went viral for posting some very questionable and highly off-brand Tweets, including references to sex acts, drugs and an array of celebrities and businessmen, including Elon Musk.

It’s a bold move for Radio Shack, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015 and 2017 before it was finally acquired by Retail E-commerce Ventures two years ago. The company is said to have had negative revenue since 2012, before either filing.

Amid launching various vulgarities, RadioShack hinted at whether or not the change in social media content was done on purpose in a Tweet dated June 27.

The post inferred that the idea of ​​the obscene tweeting spree was introduced by a company intern as a way to generate further growth and development.

As of Friday afternoon, the company had over 336,000 followers, with one of the account’s most viral Tweets receiving over 38,000 Retweets.

Another post joked that the author of the Tweets was doing this to promote a new crypto-based platform that Radio Shack had created, but the fake link just led users to a meme about Jesus.

However, the concept of crypto was no joke.

RadioShack has (intentionally or not) promoted the launch of RadioShack Swap, a crypto exchange platform run by a separate app. The electronics giant has also created its own coin which will be traded under the crypto token symbol $RADIO.

“Our mission is to be the first protocol to bridge the gap with the mainstream use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies,” the company wrote.

The company first announced plans to launch Swap last December, securing a waiting list of interested crypto traders who wanted access to the platform when it launched. The coin itself was low valued at $0.05 in the early Friday afternoon.

The retailer’s mysterious Tweeter appeared to be in high spirits ahead of the holiday weekend, with a Tweet early Friday afternoon.

“Some people think beer is bad, and so do I after 15,” it reads bluntly. “Hello. Happy Friday.”

There are approximately 5,200 Radio Shacks still in operation nationwide, per CNNincluding hundreds of locations in Florida and the Midwest.


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