Yogi Adityanath’s Government Prepares Action Plan to Promote “Brand UP” Globally and Achieve $1 Trillion Savings


November 10, 2022 11:52 p.m. STI

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India]Nov. 10 (ANI): The government of Uttar Pradesh, led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has prepared an action plan to promote ‘Brand UP’ at home and abroad to achieve the broader goal of making the state a $1 trillion economy.
The action plan is part of the Industrial Investment and Employment Policy recently released by the Yogi government and aims to project the developments that have taken place in the state over the past five and a half years in terms of ease to do business, favorable and safe investment. environment as well as the rapid approval of proposals on national and international platforms.
It is worth mentioning that Uttar Pradesh has risen to second place in the country in ease of doing business and also received the Achiever Award from the Government of India for its business reform action plan. Due to simplification of rules and procedures by the state government, a favorable business environment has been created in the state. In addition, digital facilitation services have been developed for transparent and timely approval of proposed projects.
The UP government believes that a comprehensive framework to promote investment in the state and realize its true potential is essential to making Uttar Pradesh the best and most preferred investment destination in the world, said said Yogi, adding, “Help from specialized professionals of the field will be taken in adopting a targeted approach to reach out to investors and create investment opportunities in the state through various channels.
The state government will participate in various domestic and international fairs, programs and conferences and also host such events in the state, which will be an ideal platform for B-to-G dialogue and to showcase and promote the uniqueness and favorable political framework of Uttar Pradesh. With the aim of making Uttar Pradesh a global investment hub, the Global Investor Summit will be organized in February 2023.
According to the policy, the State-level Investment Promotion Council will be strengthened and the incentive framework streamlined to provide financial and non-financial incentives in emerging sectors of regional importance. To encourage foreign investors to set up factories in UP, 40% of the value of old imported factories and machinery will be considered eligible capital investment to provide various financial incentives mentioned in the policy, a government statement said on Thursday. .

A client relationship management portal will be developed by Invest UP for investment management and interaction with investors. It will also be linked to the One Stop Shop online portal, Nivesh Mitra. It will provide a one-stop solution for all investors.
An online incentive management system will be developed for accepting incentives for all policies. He will also be linked with Nivesh Mitra. At the same time, the existing Invest UP helpline will be strengthened. Dedicated node agents will be appointed to facilitate mega projects and higher level projects. Specific soft-skills training will be put in place to instil a customer-oriented mindset in all departments serving the industries.
To ensure ease of doing business, the government of Uttar Pradesh has implemented self-certification for 5 low-risk approvals. To simplify business start-up procedures in the state, there is a self-renewal system in over 17 departments. Apart from this, the requirement to renew more than 7 licenses has been removed in the state as part of the ease of doing business improvement program. Over 100 state government services have been identified/notified under the Uttar Pradesh Janhit Guarantee Act, in which the time limit has been set for the provision of these services.
The state government provides over 353 services from 29 departments through Nivesh Mitra, a one-stop-shop portal of Uttar Pradesh. Till September 2022, more than 18 lakh applications have been received through the Nivesh Mitra portal, of which around 97% have been screened out, an official statement has informed.
New services required by the state government to establish and operate businesses in the state will be identified. For this, industrial houses, organizations and departments will be consulted. For this, industrial houses, organizations and departments will be consulted. These services will be made available online by the relevant department and will be integrated with the Nivesh Mitra portal to provide a one-stop solution for businesses.
The government of Uttar Pradesh will work to provide a safe and fearless industrial environment in the state. For this, industrial clusters/police stations will be set up in areas like Noida, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Bulchand Purvanchal. Integrated police and fire stations will also be set up in major industrial clusters/zones.
The state government has also notified the establishment of 17 commercial courts in major districts to settle commercial cases in the enforcement of contracts. This system will be further strengthened and the entire court management system will be brought online. (ANI)


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